Detox Water

Ingredients are natural including Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger, Mint Etc. which helps flush out the Fat, Toxins, Maida piled up inside the intestines since many years.

Safe for Diabetes and High BP patients as it detoxifies our digestive system which will give benfits to lower down blood sugar and blood pressure as well.

Contains natural calcium, magnesium and other minerals which helps elederly in joint pain, muscular pain and to strengthen bones.

Burns fat without any exercise
Cleanses liver, kidney, intestine
Purify blood
Glowing and clearer skin
Healthy and shiny hair

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Numeron is an ideal venue for residential as well as day conferences, is perfect place for your birthday, anniversary, engagement, kitty parties, corporate meet, conferences / seminars, awards' functions, launches and exhibitions with state of the art facilities equipped with modern technology.

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Outdoor Catering

we would like you to celebrate your memorable occasions with us.

We will make your occasion that much more special with our expertise. Be it themed or traditional, Numeron has a unique take on organizing your special anticipated day, allowing the anticipation to be a fabulous one, as you can trust Numeron to meet your standards and go beyond.

From your first visit through to celebrating your special day, our wedding coordinators are available to assist you with your planning and organization. We would be delighted to recommend one of our wedding packages or create a tailor made package just for you. Whether it is preparing your mouth watering dishes, decorating the Venue, filming your special occasion and much more. You can also discuss with our Executive ODC Manager to create a menu exclusively for you. The indoor space offers a unique and iconic setting for a wide range of functions including Weddings, Receptions, Ethnic Ceremonies and Corporate Events. The subtle colors and versatility of the venue allows us to accommodate for a range of events.

We pride ourselves in being a multicultural events company. The combination of all these expertise only provided one outcome for you - A truly magnificent and memorable experience!

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